Moving On

Hi friends, family, and anonymous Poems About Oranges readers!

I've had a lot of fun writing about books, baking, and my life here, but I've been bothered for a long time about the lack of focus at PAO. I started working on this blog for career purposes, and I chose to cast my net very wide so that I had plenty to write about. My goal was to cultivate an active online presence and generate plenty of writing samples, and I got those things while I needed them.

But this blog no longer relates to my career goals, or to a lot of my interests. I still love reading, of course, but I post my reviews on Goodreads. And I still love baking, but I don't do much of it anymore because I've changed the way I eat.

That's why I have decided to retire Poems About Oranges and move onto another blog project: In the Key of Vegan. I've been experimenting with vegan cooking, and I wanted a way to document that experience and to maybe educate some folks about how genuinely delicious cooking without animal products can be.

You've probably noticed that I'm pretty invested in environmental issues, and this new project will hopefully allow me to make a small difference in how my readers think about food and their impact on climate change--even if I only inspire one reader to try one recipe, then that's a start!

I hope that you come check out the new blog or friend me on Goodreads. This has been a great experience, but I'm looking forward to the change!

With thanks and affection,

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